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"I'm really impressed with the range of options this chair has -- it's an incredible piece of technology."


Studies show that deep tissue massage not only relieves chronic pain and arthritis symptoms, but also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and boost the immune system, supporting the body and mind to return to a natural state of wellness.

Unfortunately, the time and expense involved in receiving such therapeutic treatment on a regular basis makes it difficult for many people to enjoy its benefits.

CORENINE’s massage products are the perfect solution. Now you can achieve all the results of deep tissue massage right in your own home or office whenever you feel the need.

Introducing the Hammerhead Percussion Massager

View Hammerhead Percussion Massager

Feel better, every day, for the rest of your life.

CORENINE is an American company that is focused on providing superior products that deliver extraordinary results. Every item that becomes part of the CORENINE line-up is carefully selected for its high quality construction, technological innovation, outstanding performance level, and exceptional value in the marketplace. 

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The Perfect Gift

Looking for something for someone special? Our Cordless Massage Pillow is a great idea!


Cordless 3D Massage Pillow with Heat